Monday, March 8, 2010

how women keep small change when men fail to

Today is the International Women's day and I wanted to pay a tribute to the women of the world by writing on a topic probably no one has written so far. As John Gray has put it Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. While men think with their brain or head women think with their heart. In many cases of art, beauty and money matters what is important to a woman has least importance to a man.

When a man and a woman go shopping together while a woman looks at the color, design and creativity involved in making a garment a man looks at the price tag first. Just have a look around at the various shopping malls and you find that a woman invariably carries a handbag whether she makes a purchase or not. Of course even a man makes sure that he carries his wallet in the purse and makes doubly sure that he is carrying the credit card. At every place some purchases are made, small change in the form of coins is generated. Women have a separate enclosure in their handbag to store all that small change. The same is not the case with a man's wallet. Though he carries a big wallet he feels it a burden to store all that small change. The first thing he would do is to stash away all those coins in the dashboard of the car if he drives one. Rest of those who don't drive a car give away all the change in the form of a tip at the first opportunity. If he doesn't have a habit of tipping he would still try to relieve himself of the burden of carrying the small change at his first visit to a shop.

Well, why does this happen? Women have a better foresight and keep the small change for future. They use it to purchase vegetables, pay the laundry bills or buying fruits. They feel more secure having small change in their handbags. Men are a little careless about this small change factor as they have an inherent belief that they can find someone to give small change when they require it. Moreover, men feel it a burden carrying weight in their pockets.

Women have strange thought patterns while men don't. That's the reason why women excel in the field of art. A small example will explain the point. Put a question to a man "What is 5 multiplied by 4?". Man thinks this way " 4 x 5 = 20" . A women thinks something like this" (2+2) X 25 /5 = 20". To simply put it a woman's brain makes more permutations in the same time as what men's brain does and arrives at the correct answer a shade quicker. Well then, trust a woman for a harmonious life!


  1. An interesting and useful observation, with the exception of the bit about 5 x 4.
    Having performed the simple arithmetic, the woman then backtracks to consider '4 ...what?' and whether this is the number of guests at the next dinner party, or maybe 5 is the number of days holiday.... plus a quick probability check on whether the word 'multiplied' was actually the word intended, and not, maybe some simpler operation.


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