Friday, February 12, 2010

winter care with home kitchen products

Winter is a great time to replenish the skin cells and bring back the glow on the faces. Unfortunately, this is the time when the skin becomes dry and invisible cracks develop. The most affected parts are the lips, ears, nose and the neck region. In my earlier post I have told the usage of bees wax aloe vera moisturiser and the coconut oil and water gel for the maximum benefits to the skin. You can also make these moisturizers at home using the kitchen products.
Butter: Butter is a regular ingredient in the breakfast menu of modern home. Many of the homemakers can't do without butter for bread toast. Rest of the time it lies in the refrigerator. Winter is the time when you have to take the maximum benefit out of butter. Take out the solid butter from the refrigerator and allow it lie in room temperature for about fifteen minutes when it becomes fluid like (some kind of a gel) and then apply it comfortably and magnanimously on all the exposed parts of the body like the hands, feet, face, ears and neck. Applying butter on the skin helps in retaining the moisture in the skin and at the same time helps the skin throwout the excreted oils out of the pores of the skin. Well then, have lots of butter in your refrigerator for this winter care of your skin.
Curd and turmeric: This is a combination that should be applied only on the face and not to any other part of the body. Take a spoon of curd and mix 1/4th spoonful of turmeric to it. Make a paste out of it. One hour before you go to sleep, apply it on your face and allow it to dry for one hour. After that use a glycerine soap to wash off the facepack made out of curd and turmeric. There are multiple benefits like the relaxation of the nerves and replenishment of the skin. This is also a long term solution for unwanted pimples. You have a sound sleep too. Next morning you wake up and find that there is an additional glow on your face.
If butter, curd and turmeric are not a part of your kitchen you need to make them your kitchen companions every winter. See your beauty enhance during this winter with consistent use of butter, curd and turmeric.
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