Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spotless beautiful face!

Who doesn't want a spotless beautiful face. It is the dream of the young ladies and girls worldwide. Many of us envy a beautiful spotless face because we really don't know how to get it, right! In India we have so many techniques from Ayurveda that would give you that enviable beauty. The first thing you need to know to get that beauty is to stay calm and relaxed all the time. If you can do that you have achieved 50% of the beauty. The next thing you need to know is to smile even unde the most trying circumstances. This would add another 25% to your beauty.
We just need another 25% to get that enviable look. If you have got some pimples you can just try this out. Take about 100 grams of mint leaves and grind them. When you grind the mint leaves mint juice is extracted. Take about a spoonful of the mint juice and add a quarter spoon of turmeric powder to this juice. Apply this paste to the pimples and leave it to dry for about one hour. Then wash your face with cold water only. Do not apply soap or any solution to clean the face. Wipe the face with a soft cloth by just cleaning only on the pimples area. Never ever apply a soap or wipe the entire face because the pores open up and if any infection is present it spreads over the entire face and increases the pimples instead of removing them. Do this every night before going to sleep and you are free of all your pimples within a week.
Once a week apply milk cream on the face and allow it to condition your face for about 15 minutes. Then wash the face with pulses flour. Do not apply a soap. Doing this for four weeks will give you a spotless beautiful face.

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