Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small things matter the most

Personalized communication is the most effective way of expressing yourself. There are a few things which give immense happiness to the person in question. You have a chauffeur driven car and the chauffeur holds the door for you to get down. What does most of us do? We simply get down and walk because we hired him. The next time you get out of the car say politely to the chauffeur 'Thank You" and look at his face. He is not only happy but also overwhelmed by your remark. Now, observe the next time when you are approaching the car to get in and you find that the chauffeur opens the door of the car with a smile on his face. I bet that a tip of 100 bucks wouldn't make him more happy than a small word of thanks.

Extend this courtesy to your maid, office boy, the mechanic, your own spouse, children and whomsoever you came across and had a small favor from them. A small word of thanks does wonders to your attitude and their approach. Do remember to say the Thanks from your heart and not from your lips. Even if you want to give a lip service the word doesn't come out because your heart has not given the signal to your head. So be sincere in your communication.

I hope everyone of you had attended school when you were kids and if by chance your schooling happened in a convent or missionary school you might have grown up with the words like Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, Excuse me being used umpteen times a day. The schools made it a point that you should cultivate good habits for effective communication. As a matter of fact we lose our communication techniques during adolescence and graduation when we become more fond of ourselves. At this point of time, the focus is more on ourselves than others. In these times sms'ing has reduced our communication skills even more badly. However, we have to live with the times.

The next small thing that you need to practice is to call people by their names. Suppose you need to call your maid. Instead of calling saritha, call her saritha amma( mother) if she is old enough or call saritha aunty if she is isn't too old. Make it a point to use a name and designation to call out people. Everyone of us love to be called by our names. It is again a small thing that needs practice for effective communication and bringing the cheer on the face of the person in question. I may come up with more of his stuff at a later time, if time permits.

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