Friday, February 5, 2010

Radical Changes to cricket!

I presume that everyone reading this post knows something about cricket. For all those who didn't, here is a brief. Cricket is a game played between two teams each team containing 12 players out of which one of them is the twelfth man who is a sort of a reserve player as in football or a substitute player in case soemone is injured while playing. One team is a batting team and the other a fielding team. Two players of the bating team comes out to bat where one of them takes the strike and the other goes to the non-striker end or the bowling end. The fielding team consisting of 11 players come out to field in which one of them is the wicketkeeper. One of them has to bowl an over with the ball for six times (to be called an over). I wouldn't really write the biograpy of cricket or its origin but look at the game in a different perspective.

The funniest part of the game is that it is called a gentleman's game because it originated in England but when we read the newspapers about an impending series between teams like England Vs Australia or India Vs Pakistan, the publicity in the print and electronic media declares the game as if it was a war between two nations. Every game or a match be it cricket or football is played to win and every game has got its own Rules and if you gotta call a game of cricket, a gentleman's game is foolishness because, gentleman don't fight over things but they try to help others in distress. If the same is applied to cricket then the fans would call it match fixing.

Another funny part of cricket is that the game is designed in a batsman's favour. In ODI cricket or T20 cricket the team batting first scores some runs and the second team has to beat the first score by atleast one run to win. Why not do it the other way around that whichever team bowls out the entire team wins irrespective of the runs scored. Think about it!

Diehard fans of famous batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting argue that they have tremendous batting skills and temperament to win matches under any kind of situation. When the idea of a game like cricket is to provide entertainment to the spectators, why not make some changes to really test the skills of these master batsmen. Why not have some boards in odd locations on the boundary line , something akin to a darts board or a shooting board where the batsman has to hit the bulls eye to score more runs and prove their skills, one more time.

I have been following cricket for not less than twentyfive years by now and I did play for my college team as a wicketkeeper-batsman-bowler as per the needs of the team. There is a tremendous pressure on everyone to perform as a team to give the best entertainment to the spectators. Why not we have sixteen member teams for each match? Let eleven batsman from the sixteen come to play and let eleven different players come to field from the sixteen and let there be replacements in the field similar to football or hockey, as I believe that this would enhance the entertainment value of the game. This idea, I believe would take the game of cricket to a different plane altogether.

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