Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Put efforts to lead a life of harmony

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji in his discourses on ETV said that one has to put special efforts on three different aspects to lead a harmonious life - education, taking medicine and charity.
Let's see these aspects in detail. One has to make a special endeavor to learn things and as His Holiness says there is no age limit to learn good things in life. He gave a special mention of an incident about people talking of rebirth. One fine morning a person woke up and said that he was the village head in the previous birth and named a few people saying that they were his relatives. This clearly shows that man not only has the power to remember things that happened a few days back but also things that happened many years ago. When such is the case there is no reason for someone to take the excuse of short term memory when education was concerned. He said that each and every person should make special efforts to learn something(get educated) to succeed in life.
                              Next aspect is taking medicine. His Holiness says that people neglect their health problems and this is particularly more prominent in villages. It is because they view a change in the body health as an aspect that occurred on account of change in weather and only after a considerable period of time when the health doesn't recuperate do they think of going to a doctor and/or take a medicine. There is a lot of advancement in the field of medicine as well as identification of new diseases hitherto unknown to mankind. So the people of the present day should make effort to know their health and take medicine with proper guidance and advice of the doctor.
                                 The last aspect and never the least is charity. He says one should really make efforts to do charity. Charity is sharing something that we have in excess (it could be very little) and that we can donate to someone in need that ultimately makes us happy as well as the recipient happy. Here I take a little initiative and talk of a disaster that was experienced by people of Haiti a few weeks ago. Everyone knows that there was a lighting quick earthquake which left scores of people dead and the survivors to the mercy of nature as the entire infrastructure vanished. I am very happy that scores of volunteers have joined the efforts to help the survivors. Here the people going to Haiti and helping the survivors is a bigger charity than those sitting in their offices and donating online.(I don't intend to hurt anyone with this statement but I am only talking of the few who have the financial capability to go to Haiti and render help and not about others). There are many ways to give charity. I would just give a small example: Many families go out on weekends and have their meal in a plush restaurant and pay a bill. Such people can refrain going out for a meal and give the money they have saved as charity once a month if not every week. Happiness is contagious and one can spread happiness by doing a charity.
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