Wednesday, February 3, 2010

play free nintendo wii games!

If you had read my earlier posts about nintendo wii games by now you would have known how to install the nintendo wii console and the goodness of the wii games. I am so accustomed to the wii that I can hardly resist the temptation of writing about a wii.
Let it be known that the wii games are expensive by Indian standards because they are high quality. It is inbuilt in the Indian psyche to first try if free versions of a game are available and I am no different, so I googled the web and found some sites which would allow me to download wii games for free. This is the biggest mistake that I have committed. Through the search results I visited a torrents file site through which I selected a free wii game in PAL format. Then, I downloaded the torrent. Torrent is like an intermediate file which will link to the correct file available for sharing through peer to peer programs. Then I clicked the "open with" option and selected the p2p program to download. Well, my ISP download speed is just 30 kbps and you can imagine how long it might have taken for me to download the file of 4.3GB. It took me three days to download the file. That was just testing my patience and it is not funny.
Finally, the download was complete and an .iso file was found in the completed downloads section. I then had to burn it to a DVD with a disc burning software. I placed a Sony blank DVD and burned it using Nero. After the burning was successfully completed I wanted to test it on the computer before using it on the wii console. So I reinserted the disc in the computer,  the drive did rotate with a buzzing noise and I found nothing on display. So, I used the "My computer" option to locate the disc. I just found a DVD-Ram drive and no disc was detected. Anyway, I couldn't do much about it so then I inserted the games disc in the wii console. Even the wii console didn't detect the free game disc. Well, my wii console was an original and imported from USA which was running the original games disc that was not free.
So, I took the free wii game disc to a cousin of mine who had a modded wii console and tested it there. The result was the same. The modded wii console too didn't detect the disc. Now guys, understand that I have wasted 4 days of my precious time running behind a free wii game. So, it is no good to look out for free nintendo wii games and waste your time.
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