Friday, February 26, 2010

Joy and Sorrow:Two sides of the same coin

            Last evening I went to the annual school day function of my youngest son. He is in Kindergarten. The school hired an auditorium and organized the function there. The show was anchored by the school children and this was a welcome change from the routine. It was a lovely sight to see the pre-school students and kindergarten students perform the dances on the stage. The dance programs were wonderfully interspersed with skits and jokes that had us in splits. My sons dance was scheduled at serial number seven of the program list and we were all eagerly waiting for it.
          Finally, the time has come and three songs from the latest Bollywood movies and tollywood movies were taken and clippings mixed to make a song of about seven minute duration. The performance of the kids was truly amazing and by the time his dance was over it was around 7 PM. I have rejoiced at the fact that he had immense talent in the art of dancing which I did not have. So I decided at that moment itself that I should encourage him to learn dance from a professional troupe. Well, I thought that this was the happiest moment in my life. Immediately, after a few minutes something like 10 minutes past 7 PM I got a phone call that one of my cousin's infant son who was recuperating from Pyrrhic meningitis again had a severe attack of convulsions and shifted to the intensive care unit of the hospital.I arranged my children to go home from the middle of the function and I had rushed to the hospital.
           Later, in the hospital I sat still and thoughts were overflowing in the mind. Should I be overjoyed at my son's performance or grieve over the illness of the infant. Both of them are my beloved children. Why should this happen to me? I believe there should be someone out there like me who had this quagmire of joy and sorrow simultaneously. How to cope up with this kind of issues?
          I have pondered over this issue and finally went to sleep wherein I had a dream. It flashed in the dream that I am in no way responsible to the joy or the sorrow. A little introspection revealed that My son did all the practise and performed well for which he must be overjoyed and not me because I have not contributed anything to his good performance. And as far as the grief is concerned it is a medical emergency that happened for which none of us had a role to play. Thinking thus, I woke up with  a relaxed mind!
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