Monday, February 1, 2010

is a celebrity status ephemeral

The reach of media improved by leaps and bounds over the past one decade. Alongside came the revolution of mobile phones and all these have made communication simple and quick. Penetration of television to the deepest pockets of the country has brought about an increased awareness and then, there are entrepreneurs who want a share of the cake pretty quickly. So many have joined the bandwagon and starting television channels left, right and center. Suppose a dance programme is a hit in one channel, ten other channels follow suit and start a similar programme in no time to grab the viewers. They go to any extent to woo the audience and for this they are ready to play the dirtiest tricks to get the viewers.

Well, there are umpteen examples of this but let us see from one small example. There is a dance show on Sony channel called Boogie woogie and I remember that it had started about 12 years ago and at that time it was the only dance show on television. Currently, have a look at the other channels and you have a dance show on each and every channel. When it started the participants were children in the age group of 14 years and above as well as adults but have a look now and you find even the 5 year old kids participating. The promotions are such that if you win the show you become a celebrity overnight and you have a career in dancing ready with Bollywood producers queuing up to sign you up as the lead actor or the choreographer. The show organizers makes the viewer believe that the celebrity judges who sit to select the best contestant have come voluntarily on their own and they promise so many offers to the winners and runners up. The winner thinks that he is a celebrity and people will come knocking at his/her door with roles and offers. Guys wake up, the reality is something different. The judges charge a hefty amount from the show producers to participate in a few episodes and for your information the whole show runs on a tight script with the dialogues written specifically for each of the presenters and the judges and you thought that all those reactions from the judges and the audience are spontaneous! I know many of these celebrities who were winners in one show or the other waiting for years to get a real break in their chosen careers.

Well, there are celebrities who have a longer shelf life like Amitabh Bachan, Sachin Tendulkar, A.R.Rehman and Aishwarya Rai. The secret here is that they are performers first and celebrities next. For all those who think the other way around take it for granted that the celebrity status is ephemeral.

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