Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ideal place to live

What is the ideal place to live? Is it the countryside, village, town, city or the metropolis? Isn't it a difficult question to answer? We live according to our choice and circumstances. Affordability of a space either by buying it or renting it out is a deciding factor for many of us. I was told in my childhood that we should live in a home which should be at a walkable distance to the school. In my childhood many of the families had two or three children and the earning opportunities to the parents were less. A school going student taking up a part-time job was unheard of.
Times have changed now as there are many opportunities to earn to both the parents as well as children and so the good old adage of live near the school is outdated. Moreover, these days schools are located far away from the residential areas but the exception is the corporate schools that are located in the midst of business centres. God save the children studying in such schools as they are exposed to high levels of sound pollution even during the classes. Nowadays with easy availability of loans people are affording two wheelers and commuting to work. Ultimately it boils down to the point that one should live in a place which is affordable. Even I thought the same way and felt like an expert till today morning when my belief was shattered.
Today morning His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji in one of his discourses on ETV asked this question - What is the ideal place to live? He said that many of the people think that one should live in a locality where there is an easy availability of a market nearby, hospital nearby, school nearby, railway station nearby, Bus station nearby, in the middle of a city, in a village as it is peaceful there, near a water body like a river etc. He said that one should live in a locality where there are GOOD PEOPLE. People who are willing to help in times of need, and the help may be giving good advice or standing by someone in distress. If the neighborhood has good people it takes very little time to address the community needs and get all the amenities as good people don't fight among themselves and instead think of the common good of the society. For some good nature is an inherent quality while for some it is a cultivated quality. It doesn't matter how the quality has come but whether or not having the quality alone matters.
After listening to Him I understood that I was highly ignorant and in a blissful state. I hope you are not in a state of mind similar to mine.
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