Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to succeed in Direct Selling business

              Direct selling is a concept where the seller directly sells to the customer avoiding the distribution network consisting of the wholesalers and the retailers. Direct selling can also be treated as a word of mouth campaign which every person on the earth does without his/her knowledge. The last night you went to a movie say Avtar which you liked. What will you do the next day. Some of you would call up your friends and say that you went to watch Avtar and that it is a good movie, while some of us may not call up but however when a discussion comes up at lunch time you wouldn't mind telling the group that you watched the movie Avtar and it is good. So, what are you doing? You are increasing the box office collection of the movie by your word of mouth publicity. This is precisely the technique used in the direct selling business.
             The first thing one needs to check out before starting a direct selling business is to know about the company offering the business. Get as much literature about the company including the financial statements of the previous years. See whether the business is ethical or not. Why should you check this? You need to check this out because every business is done with an intention that it will last a long time (read life time) and unless the business is ethical it cannot survive even one or two years.
             Next check out the products involved. The products should be of high quality. Why this? Once again it is because your reputation is the foremost thing to succeed in a direct selling business. The people buying it the first time will look at you and your endorsement alone and not the product as is. Your first step is to select a product which enhances your reputation. So, quality is the key.
             Before taking a plunge into the direct selling business, do some market survey and find a little about the buying patterns of the customer. Select a product that has a repeat sale i.e., fast moving consumer goods (FMCG products). This ensures that you make little profit on every sale and keeps you going. Never get disheartened when there is no sale. Go and observe your neighborhood retail outlets and you can find that on certain days there are absolutely no customers but still their running overheads or on like the power bills, security expenses, employee salaries, etc. Get motivated and thank yourself that you need not have to pay for all these when you are down or when there is no business.
             Never give up and never quit a business because a business is a business and every business has a business cycle. Be motivated always and make it a point to meet a new person everyday and add them to your contacts list. Follow these steps diligently and you are bound to succeed in a direct selling business.

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