Saturday, February 6, 2010

how to eat well and stay healthy!

              Eating out at restaurants is a common practice these days. When you have a buffet lunch and there are many delicacies inviting you, it is very hard to resist the temptation and it is quite natural that we tend to overeat. There is nothing wrong with that. The physical aftereffects consequent to a good buffet are troublesome. The next three hours or so make you lazy and chances are that we lose our attention on even the most important conversations.

               I will tell you an easy way to eat all the delicacies without overburdening the stomach. We in India have two items in the main course viz.,rice and rotis(in different forms) and many side dishes to fulfill the main course. Doctors advice to eat half your stomach's capacity during a meal. Half of the remaining half-stomach would be useful to fill it with water and the remaining quarter of the stomach should be left empty for oxygen circulation and release of acids that aid digestion. This is the perfect way of eating a meal.

              The next question that immediately pops out in the mind is "how to decide the stomach's capacity?" The easiest way to know your stomach's capacity is to stretch out your hand and close your fists. The outer volume occupied by the hand with a closed fist is the inner capacity of your stomach. I would be more comfortable to say that two fists-full would at least make you feel that you aren't starving.

               A vegetarian meal as a regular food helps you stay active when cooked with low oil and the food boiled. Fried food contains more calories and bad cholesterol that is harmful to the heart. As I have already said in one of my earlier posts it is best not to mix intake of food and water.

              Okay, let's come back to the way we should eat. Suppose you are in a buffet lunch please don't pick a plate instantaneously. Take a sip of juice, then go around have a look and decide how many delicacies or items that you would eat for the meal. Select more green vegetables and less number of colored vegetables. Green vegetables get digested quickly and so are the green delicacies.If rice is the main item serve one or two large spoons and that's it. Don't go for another serving later. Just serve a quarter of what you used to eat before reading this post and stuff your plate with as many side dishes as possible. And that should complete your meal. It is never a good idea to mix green salads and fruits with cooked delicacies for the simple reason that uncooked or raw food and cooked food each needs different duration of time to digest. If you need to eat fruits, eat them fifteen minutes before the main course. Same is the case when bread or rotis are the main course.

               Always remember the fist before you start your meal. If possible paste a poster of the fist before your dining table so that it is visible to you all the time when you are having a meal. Drink water half-an-hour after completing your meal.
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