Friday, February 19, 2010

Everlasting fitness mantra

Yes. You have read the title right and this is the topic that I am just going to write about. There are many avenues to develop overall fitness. I practise yoga. You might be a jogger, walker, swimmer, aerobics learner, cardio kick boxer or a gymnasium freak reveling under the weights. You can be anyone - a man or a woman, boy or a girl of any age group, obese or slim or anorexic- it doesn't matter and this mantra is for all of you.
India is a place where classical dance thrives in many forms. Some of the famous classical dance forms are the bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, manipuri, odissi, mohini attam etc. Every dance form has got its own history and tradition that dates back to centuries of years. Well, I think you have got the mantra by now. It is the classical dance! Any and every dance form mentioned above involves a wonderful body co-ordination between the limbs and mind. All these dance forms are practised with a cool mind. The most highly agitated mind also cools down when it views someone practising one of these dance forms.
Though classical dance is taken up as a profession by very few individuals, it has not yet found the appreciation of health freaks. I would just give you a small example to just show the health benefit that we can derive by learning and practising a classical dance form. We sit before the computers for long hours staring at the screen and after 8 to 10 hours our eyes are strained and they want to relax. Every classical dance form gives tremendous importance to eye movement and eye expression. If you go to a classical dance school you find that the teacher emphasises the need to practise eye exercises which are a part of the dance as is. Fifteen minutes of classical dance refreshes you and revitalizers each and every part of the body.
There can be more examples but I don't give lots of examples to drive home the same point. Classical dance is a great stress buster. These days, in the cities and bigger towns we have lots of fitness centers and gymnasiums that charge you hefty amounts through your nose to make you fit. But, do you really enjoy doing these things? Classical dance schools don't rip you off and instead you enjoy being in a dance school for its ambience, the group of learners and the experienced teachers. Just go to the nearest classical dance school with an intention to be a part of the crowd and you will return home with much more vigor, concentration and energy. Classical dance is no doubt the everlasting fitness mantra.

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