Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did you know that

  • The one word that appears in the Holy Bible only once - Grandmother
  • Before 1901 Boxing was an illegal sport. Only after 1901 boxing got an official status
  • While 20 million cars are rolled out every year world-wide, 50 billion cycles are manufactured every year world-wide.
  • To extract one kilogram of gold, you need to refine 200 tonnes of ore.
  • One square centimeter of sunlight is equivalent to 2,32,500 lit candles.
  • Music videos constitute the highest quantum of videos on youtube. This is about 20% of the videos uploaded on youtube.
  • Everyday 160 billion emails are sent.
  • Everymonth 15 billion videos are viewed on the internet.
  • Only woman olympian with highest olympic medals in the world is Larissa Latinina, a Soviet Gymnast. She won 18 medals in three olympics between 1956 and 1964.
  • The rain forests of Costa Rica has 425 varieties of bird species, 5 varieties of cats, 30 varieties of humming birds and 2500 varieties of plants. This is the only place which has got so many varieties of living things.
source: Andhrajyothi sunda
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