Monday, February 22, 2010

Coping with terminally ill people

I know a couple who has only a single child aged 9 years now. About an year ago, she suffered a stroke on her respiratory tract. This happens only among one in a million. She was on the life support(read ventilator) for the entire year. Recently, about a month ago the doctors have declared her a terminally ill patient and her chances of recovery are ruled out. They have cried and cried so much that they have no more tears left. They have still kept her on the life support hoping that some miracle would happen and she would become fine. Their financial position is not too good either to keep the treatment going.
If you love someone who may be your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle or aunt or just anyone you would know the pain of a closest one dearest to the heart suffer that way. Many of us have sympathies for such kind of people but we cannot understand the pain they undergo because we have not felt such pain ourselves. We should in fact thank GOD( if you believe in Him) for all his benevolence. I am writing this from my experience as I have suffered the pain myself with full heart when my father was diagnosed with tongue cancer and I have seen him moan on the hospital bed undergoing chemotherapy.
Everyone in the world at some point of time do undergo some pain. Gautama Buddha became the enlightened Soul after empathizing the pain of others. Does life stop for us when someone we love the most are declared as terminally ill? At least we in Hinduism believe in the theory of karma that says that every evil deed we do in this birth manifests as pain in future births and what we suffer in this birth is a result of the evil deeds performed in the previous birth. However, it is not sufficient to take solace under the karma philosophy because the same karma philosophy also propounds that we should do our duties diligently and with full responsibility. I staunchly believe in the karma philosophy and it didn't take me months to cope up with my father's loss. How many of us are so strong physically and mentally to withstand the pain inflicted by having our close one in the category of terminally ill person.
It takes a lot of time, effort and practice and come to terms with reality. Even if you don't believe in the theory of rebirth, then there will be only one birth and since we are living now we need to do our best in our chosen field. Isn't it? What we need to do is to reduce the scale of attachment with the terminally ill person and attend to him/her in a fashion as if a nurse would attend to a patient. Make a beginning with full heart and you can succeed.
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