Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Advance Obituary

He was born in the year 1982. He has stolen the hearts of many Indians during the last 28 years of his existence. He is small and compact yet he is elegant and beautiful. His skin in the beginning was tight and as he aged so did his skin that became supple and soft over the years. Though his size didn't increase in the last twenty eight years, his shape transformed many times soemthing similar to what we have seen in Avatar, the movie. In his childhood, he was the best and everyone craved for him. When he was seven years old, he had siblings who were bigger than him who were chased by the young and old but suddenly died leaving many hearts a flutter when more beautiful cousins took to the roads.
I grew up with him craving his company and biding my time giving my soul a pep talk that time has not come. He was very naughty and fast, yet there were few complaints because he was cool and didn't demand much for his maintenance. He loved the roads as much as I did and never complained of backache when the road was bumpy while I did.
He had an enviable position in his family because whenever the chips were down and the family finances were bleak he used to push himself too hard to make a turnaround in the family fortunes. And he did all this with pride and success was there for the family to see and enjoy.
The family says his siblings are better and no one loves him anymore. So the family decides to kill the little one on 31st March,2010. The little one is also following the life principle that whatever is born has to die at some point of time. Come April and we will cease to see anymore little ones being born again. Advance obituary for the little one who enthralled all our hearts for 28 long years.

Note: This obituary is for the Maruti 800. The skin referred to above is the upholstery and his siblings were the Maruti 1000, Maruti Esteem and Maruti Zen. Beautiful cousins are the other small cars from Hyundai, Ford, Fiat and Skoda.

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