Monday, January 4, 2010

what decides the way we live, heart or head?

Last three months of 2009 were a torrid time for the people of Andhra Pradesh. First there were floods in Kurnool when the entire town was submerged in water. Then in the last week of November a fast unto death was started by K.C.R and it was duly supported by the students of Telangana. As days were passing the agitation took a violent turn with stone pelting on RTC buses, meanwhile the health of KCR was deteriorating. Of course he was given the best medical treatment at NIMS, a premier institute of Andhra Pradesh. On December 9th separate statehood for Telangana was announced and KCR called off his fast. Suddenly violence erupted in other parts of Andhra Pradesh over this decision of separation and there was widespread violence in other parts of Andhra Pradesh. On December 23rd the Government at Centre took a deviation in its stand on Telangana and more agitations are going on in Telangana over this episode. It is left to the wisdom of the citizens whether the agitation for statehood is good or bad. As a result of these agitations there are many people suffering. Common man is the worst to suffer. Daily wage earners are hit the most as many of the towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh were virtually closed by observing "bandhs".

A cousin of mine works as a soldier in the Border Security Force. These days the Central Government is using the services of this force, for curbing the violence erupting within the country though the duties laid down for them, are to protect the country from infiltrators across the border. He was posted in Srinagar and subsequently posted to Jharkand where elections took place. I used to call him regularly over the mobile phone to know about his safety.(This is one positive that the army should be appreciated). We were getting reports in the media that there was firing in many places where terrorists were killed and/or the security forces were killed/injured. The tension was getting on my nerves and I wanted my cousin to quit the job for family's sake as he was recently married. So I picked up the phone and called him. He didn't lift the phone. I redialed the number for at least 10 times but he didn't pick it up. I was all the more worried. I was just praying that he should be alive. After 3 hours he called me back and I was relieved to hear his voice, then I conveyed what was in my mind. He was silent for a few seconds and then he spoke sternly "I am working for the force for the past 4 years and everything was alright these years. Now when there is trouble in the country, is it right that I quit or should I be faithful to someone who stood by me, paid me and took care of the medical needs of the entire family. As you said I might as well quit and board the next train home but what is the guarantee that I won't fall from the train and die or still worse, I could be hit and run by a truck while walking home, who knows? Well, everyone should die at some point or the other so why think about it. Enjoy life today this moment and you wouldn't repent." I was amazed by the way he convinced me and this words of wisdom came from someone who is 12 years younger than me.

From what transpired between my cousin and me, I tried to analyse what must be passing through the minds of  the agitators who want a unified state as well as those who want a separate state. I understood that self belief is a predominant factor which has no rationale. I understood only one thing that it is the heart that is talking and the involvement of head (read reasoning) is zero. This is the first time that I felt that head should prevail over the heart, only then can peace be established.     

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