Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tips to identify a forged currency note

Ciculation of forged currency is a headache to the individual and the Government alike. Nowadays, forged currency in the form of Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- is being pumped into India through the international borders. The idea behind counterfeit currency is to destabilise the economy. Two easy steps to identify a forged note is 'feel the bank note' and 'look through the banknote'. Here are a few tips to identify whether a rupee note of any denomination is genuine or not:
Feature: Feel the paper
  • genuine note- the paper is made of cotton substrate and cotton rag. This gives the banknote a crisp feel of the note and a distinct crackling sound.
  • forged note - the quality of the paper is the first hint to identify a forged note. The paper is made of ordinary bamboo pulp and gives thicker and glossy feel.
Feature- Raised printing
  • genuine note- some portions on the banknote have raised printing (intaglio) which can be felt by touch.
  • fake note - the raised printing will not be there in the forged notes.
Feature- hold the note against the light (look through the note)
  • genuine note- you will see Mahatma Gandhi watermark, electrolyte watermark, see through register and security thread.
  • fake note- some counterfeiters will attempt to simulate a watermark but it will be lacking in the fine details seen in an original and the image may be visible when not held up to the light. Some also attempt to reproduce the effect of the security thread but again the attempt is crude. The register of a see through feature is likely to be imperfect and complete image is not produced.
Feature- Number panel
  • genuine note- in original bank notes the number panel is specific. the panel maintains perfect alignment.
  • fake note- in forged notes the number is not perfectly aligned and in most of the cases it is smaller(font size) than the number panel of the original notes.
Feature- look through the magnifying glass
  • genuine note- between the head of the Mahatma Gandhi portrait and the green panel, the notes have very fine line design. when seen through a magnifying glass, the design will actually show "RBI" and denominational value written in very small.
  • forged note- the micro lettering is absent and crude attempts are made to simulate this feature in some cases. Ultimately the quality and fine details of the micro lettering are not maintained.
The next time you get a rupees five hundred note or a thousand rupee note check out the features yourself and decide whether to accept it or not.



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