Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tips to follow while writing a competitive examination

  • If tomorrow is the examination get your pencil box ready today itself.
  • The pencil box should contain two HB pencils well sharpened, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, two blue ballpoint pens, two black ballpoint pens and the examination hall ticket.
  • A day before the examination conduct a recce of the examination center starting from your home to the examination center, note down the time taken to reach the place and find alternative routes to the examination center and not just the shortest route.
  • Please check the time of the examination on the hall ticket and reach the center forty-five minutes the starting time of the exam. Well, some exams specify that you should be present in the examination center thirty minutes before the start of the exam.
  • The instructions to be followed are printed on the hall ticket itself, so make sure that you read the instructions atleast twice before you go the examination.
  • Sleep a minimum of eight hours the night before you go to the examination.
  • While attending the exam wear loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • Don't forget to carry one or two identical photographs as that pasted on the hall ticket because some exams require that you submit the photograph at the time of the exam.
  • Don't carry your mobile phone to the examination as carrying of mobile phones and their usage are banned in many of the examinations.
  • Don't forget to write down your registration number/hall ticket number on the answer sheet before you start answering the examination.
  • After this step close your eyes for a minute and observe with your mind how you inhale and exhale the air. This will calm down your nerves and relax. This is very vital for your success in each examination.
  • The evaluation of the answer scripts are done by a computer, so they give you Optical Magnetic Reader sheets(OMR sheets) in which you need to write your answers.
  • Remember to use the blue ball point pen if that is what is specified in the instructions. If they specify that you use the pencil, use a HB pencil to mark your answers.
  • Usually, the examination pattern is that each question has four or five multiple choice answers and you have to select the right one. The right one has to be selected by filling the circle with the blue pen or the HB pencil as the case may be against each question in the OMR sheet. 
  • Make sure that you fill the circle in the answer sheet completely (something like a full moon and not a half-moon or a three-quarter moon).
  • Just concentrate on your question paper and answer paper and don't look at the other aspirants as this may lead to tension and questions in your own mind about your success.
  • Please do not borrow or lend your articles from your pencil box to the aspirants in the middle of the examination as this may raise doubts in the minds of the invigilators.
  • In some examinations, negative marks are given to wrong answers. In such cases mark the answers to only the questions you know, don't guess the answers and lose the marks.
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