Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some useless facts

  • In America alone, every one hour 2.5 million plastic bottles are disposed after usage.
  • Chinese artists have painted many paintings with women as the theme but never did they show the woman's feet in the picture. It is not known whether it is out of respect or because of a ban.
  • Just like the earth having 75% water young people's body also contains 70% water.
  • The next time you eat a banana watch out! Mosquitoes find the people who just had a banana very attractive and so bite them to have their share of blood.
  • The amount of paper required to print the Sunday edition of "The New York Times" requires 63,000 trees to be felled.
  • For two decades, Walt Disney rendered his voice for the character Mickey Mouse.
  • Popcorn making machine was invented in 1885. Ms.Charles Crater, an American made the first popcorn machine.
  • Sony, Japan has sold 7 lakh cameras in one single day in 1998. This is a very unique day in the history of Sony Corporation.
  • Every time you put a step forward, 54 muscles in the body move.
  • Boeing-747 has a capacity to carry 57,285 gallons of fuel.
Source: Andhrajyothi newspaper sunday edition
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