Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Abundantly, never look back

Swami Vivekananda’s 147th birthday was celebrated yesterday i.e., 12th January, 2010. He was born in Bengal on 12.01.1863, named Narendranath and lived for 39 years before calling it a day on 04.07.1902. He was a great man who espoused the theory that youth should be physically and mentally strong to take on the challenges in life. Am I deviating from my subject topic? Not exactly! There is a strong point to be noted i.e., here is a person who has just lived for 39 years and still we remember him even after 107 years after his death. You can just check out many of the newspapers published worldwide and you find that at least 10% of the newspapers have written a small remembrance of him.

When do people acknowledge someone even a hundred years after his death? Unquestionably it is the amount of love that one has towards that person that helps in a remembrance. These days we live for say 100 years because of the availability of good medical facilities and increased lifespan. I know many people who have died a natural death and are hardly remembered 3 or 4 days after his/her death as the case may be. Why is it so? Time has changed and today is a developed world. Does it make us any different as an individual? Analyze a situation like this.

Today is your birthday and you think you have many friends. Okay, you open your mailbox and find that about ten friends have wished you by mail. Another ten friends wished you by a sms. Five of them tweeted you birthday greetings and only one person sent you a bunch of flowers. One or two of your friends wished you over the phone. Whom would you consider as the most important person out of all these people? I bet that you would consider the person who sent you a bunch of flowers as the most important friend. Why is it so?

The person who sent you flowers made you important. It is a very small gift but it makes a difference. Small things are more important to us than big deals. That is human psychology. Probably, the situation hundred years ago or hundred years later would be the same as far as human behavior is concerned. Remember, it is always better to give 100% love to one person and not 1% love to hundred people. This can be implemented practically by each and every one of us. Devote more time to your family members because they understand you, love you and know your importance much more than your friends and contacts. At least your family members would spread the word down the line to next one or two generations and you would also be remembered like Swami Vivekananda 50 years after you call it a day. Spread the love abundantly and be remembered forever!

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