Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yeah, the title looks pretty good for me. I just wish you feel the same by the end of this article. I am just trying to list out the acronyms of many commonly used words either on sms or twitter or a chatroom. well I prefer to start with the title - "Keep it straight and simple". A few more.

1 4 3 - I love you
h3 l3ft- he left ( replace 3 with e)
lol- lots of laughs, lots of love
2 mny billz - too many bills
b& - band
l%k - look
1dr - wonder
c u -see yo
kk - i'm ok
b4 u r- before you are
da - the
yvw- you are very welcome
asl - age sex location
tbd -to be decided
doe -depends on experience
pita - pain in the ass
np - no problem
l8r - later
kit -keep in touch
ic - i see
imo - in my opinion
FUBAR - fouled up beyond all recognition/ repair
fts - f*** the s***
DDSOS- different day, same old story
btw- between you and me
BTW -by the way
aak - alive and kicking
cnp -continued in next post (usually on blogs or message boards of forums)
EOT- end of thread
gr8 - great
gfn - gone for now
hand - have a nice day.

Okay, I will come back with more of such stuff later. Hope you enjoyed these. Please tell a friend about this blog or through a social network.


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