Saturday, January 2, 2010

How useful is watching movies even for free!

When I was in my engineering college two decades ago we had a discussion. A new girl has joined college and she was very pretty, bold and used to wear revealing outfits. I was a part of the group and we had joined in the canteen for a discussion. The discussion changed topics and stopped at the new girl. Many of us in the group felt that she would be the most suitable to be a girl friend to each of us. Everyone was trying their best to get that girl's attention and date her. Since, I had other academic interests I steadied my mind and moved over on this issue. In the final year of engineering, we once again had a discussion on this girl. I put a simple question among the group of friends, "You have been looking at this girl and impressed by this girls beauty, boldness and her intelligence and each of you had aspired that she become your girl friend. I also know that some of you secretly tried to date her. When she has got so many qualities to turn on, Is anyone here willing to marry her?"
After I asked this question, there was pin drop silence and none of my friends spoke anything for about ten minutes. Then slowly they all started talking and a consensus evolved among the group and one guy spoke out on behalf of all others - “How can anyone of us marry such a girl. She is only publicity material. She can only be shown off to others as a good looking girl friend, she is nothing more than just girl friend material and I cannot lead my life with a partner like her.”
This discussion appears like a very casual conversation and more like gossip among young people. Well, not exactly. Here we tried to view the girl as an object of desire and nothing more. Readers are most interested and excited about watching movies. Nowadays, women in movies are portrayed with skimpily clad clothes or no clothes at all revealing their vital assets. Skin show is a work of art by very few movie directors and for the rest of them it is just a way of attracting voyeurs (sorry viewers) to the cinema hall. Who are these viewers? These viewers are usually males of various age groups who are all part of their respective families playing the role (or rather living a real life) of a father, husband or a brother to a girl, lady or a woman.
Now face the most difficult questions to digest. Will you allow your daughters wear skimpily clad clothes either at home or when she is going out? Will you allow your wife to wear cleavage revealing outfits in public? Will you allow your sister to wear micro minis to a party? Just remember that there are men (who are voyeurs) everywhere in parties, functions, cinema halls, on the street and just decide whether you are a part of the crowd. Why at all in the first place should we see such movies? Okay, you go to a movie with your entire family consisting of probably a wife, daughters, sons, sisters etc. As a part of the modern day movies your entire family will sit and listen to the double entendres, the rape scenes and violence on women. If you analyse this situation you are responsible for all your family members learning things like wearing skimpy clothes in the name of fashion, flirting with boys/girls as the case may be and getting into extramarital relations. Think about it! Is it necessary in the first place to watch and encourage movies? Do you think you are going to die if you don’t watch movies for a month?
Well, if you have understood what is written in the above paragraphs, please read further or else you can stop at this point. There are other productive ways of entertainment where you have the satisfaction of spending your time well. Arrange a get together within your neighbourhood where everyone brings their food along and share it amongst everyone. If you think this is a busy world and no one would be willing to come, go to a zoo with your family and watch the animals. It is great fun too! Become a philanthropist. Buy bread or other food items with the money that you would otherwise spend on dirty movies and give it to the needy, the orphans and see the happiness on their faces. It is known that the busiest person has more time for himself. So never give the lame excuses to anyone that you don’t have time. Get involved, do these activities yourself and recognize the happiness in you and your family.
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