Sunday, January 3, 2010

how to use the company provided email facility sensibly

Email has become an integral part of our lives. Even with increased access to social networking sites and sms service many of us prefer to use email for communication. Such is the power of email. Each of us who use email for communication purpose know the benefits of using it as a powerful communication tool. Almost all the companies provide their employees with an email facility that can also be used for personal communication apart from the business communication. All the companies circulate a copy of the email policy which the employees are supposed to read, learn and implement it in true word and spirit. Occasionally we do forget some of the aspects of the business email when using it for personal use. Here is a quick reminder of the policy majority of the companies expect their employees to follow:-
  • Personal emails should be stored in a separate folder that should be prominently named "private" or "personal" or give your individual name to the folder.
  • Personal use of the email should not interfere with the company's work.
  • Personal emails should adhere to the overall guidelines of the company's policy.
  • Never forward junk mail, spam, jokes or funnies and executable files as this will tarnish the company's image if the content is found false.
  • Usually the company restricts the personal mailings to 2 or 3 per day.
  • Never use the personal mail for sending mass mails.
  • Remember that even personal mails sent using the company's mail system is the property of the company, hence be very careful about what you send via personal email.
I know that each of you know the above issues, but it was just a recap of the utility of personal email using company's business mail facility.


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