Thursday, January 7, 2010

Five Rules for success in life

Rule 1: Do not start bemoaning the situation. It will not make it any better. Spending sleepless nights worrying about the situation only saps your mental and physical energy. Spend the same time and energy on finding a solution as you would normally spend on worrying and you will have no worry.

Rule 2: Hold out. Remember, you may hit the bottom before you reach the top. And when you reach the bottom, there is only one way to go and that is up.

Rule 3:Closely analyze the failure. Why did it happen? What should you do in future? In this way you acquire useful knowledge and can build a strong safeguard against such failure occuring again.

Rule 4: Make a systematic plan to lead you to your new clearly defined goal. Break it down into programmes and schedules. Then implement them. In the end you discover you will be better off than ever before.

Rule 5: Cultivate the habit of looking at everything constructively. Look for the bright, hopeful spots with confidence and faith instead with doubt and noxious criticism. Believe that right and truth like a cork under water are bound to come to the top and have faith in your own ability.
Do this and you will be more successful in whatever you undertake. For all success springs from right thinking.

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