Tuesday, January 12, 2010

F.E.A.R factor

This is a famous adventure program on television in AXN which I have seen on many occasions. Many of you too would have seen it. Coming back to the acronyms issue that I have paused in my previous compilation F.E.A.R stands for 'False Evidence Appearing Real'. Let's see a few more acronyms useful for tweeting or sms'ing.

aka - also known as
acorn -a completely obsessive really nutty person
2bz4uqt - too busy for you cute one
2g2bt - too good to be true
4q- f*** you
1 8 2- i hate you (don't ask me how? but that's the lingo)
4eae - forever and ever
aaf - as a friend
aamof - as a matter of fact
abt2- about to
anfscd- and for now something completely different
beg - big evil grin
botec- back of the envelope calculation
byob - bring your own beer
byoc- bring your own computer
cbj - covered blow job
cmu - cracked me up
cob - close of business
craft- can't remember a f***ing thing
cyt - see you tomorrow
cyo - see you online
degt - don't even go there
dink - double income, no kids
disk - double income single kid
dust- did you see that?
eod- end of the day or end of discussion.
fish - first in still here

Well let me finish it off here as the whole thing puts me off as there is no writing skill involved. I may come back with more if time permits. Please tell a friend about this blog through mail or a social network.


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