Saturday, January 16, 2010

The art of story telling

When I was young my grandmother used to tell me stories. Stories that were of relevance during that period! She covered social themes, common everyday relationships of mother, father, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters etc and sometimes she used the animals as characters built relations between them like lion uncle, sister deer etc. An evening never passed without her telling me a story. All the stories carried a moral that I should follow in life. Some morals like helping others in need became deep rooted in my subconscious mind that it is very difficult for me to come out of those traits however troublesome they are to me in this modern day world.

Unfortunately these days there are more nuclear families where there are parents and kids and in some families it is a pathetic state of affairs because the families consist of two or three members only like a father-son duo, mother-son duo, father-daughter duo, mother-daughter duo, father-mother-son and father-mother-daughter. Ultra modern living entails us to possess all the electronic gadgets some useful while some for displaying to peers. In this scenario though the kids always crave for attention from parents it is seldom found. Therefore, the kids turn to all the rotten stuff on television which curbs their imaginative capabilities.

These days some innovative entrepreneurs have started day schools targeting these children wherein they teach the children stories, stories and more stories. As a business model it is working alright, but is it possible for the children to bond with the teachers as easily as they bond with the parents. Every family is unique and has its own heritage. Will the teachers of these schools be able to pass on the heritage to their children?

I know many parents who think story telling is an art and they certainly are not imaginative and creative enough to tell stories to their children. Many of the parents told me in no uncertain terms that they are very tired by the end of the day and are not in a position to tell stories? Some of the parents said that they have bought enough story books from which the child can learn and understand.

Please read the above paragraph carefully and you can know how the parents have mastered the art of storytelling. They have told me a story of excuses. Many of us tell so many stories to our boss when we go late. Okay, don’t abuse me. You may be telling the truth but the boss would have heard this truth so many times that it looks like a story to him, right!

Since, you understood how you have mastered the art of storytelling, tell the stories to your kids and make them happy. Well, if you still don’t know how stop watching television for ten minutes in the evening, read a story book, change the characters, make your child the hero/heroine of the story and tell them in a simple language that they can understand. (Use the ideas of my grandma that I have written in the first paragraph of this article) I bet the next day your children will go to school and tell the world that you have told them a wonderful story. Research also proves that storytelling is a wonderful stress reliever when the story is told to children. Cultivate the art of storytelling but be cautious never show your art to your boss.

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