Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why we do what we shouldn't do?

We pass so many phases of life by the time we become adults. When we have leisure and when we look back into the past childhood days we feel childhood is the best part of the entire life.Why is this so?
The easiest answer anyone would give to this question is that childhood is the time when there are no responsibilities and it is the only time we were never questioned for playing hours together. For children playing is a natural pastime. I do remember my childhood days when I never demanded anything from my parents. It has probably to do with the fact that there was no television at that time and so there were no one telling us to buy this and buy that. I personally was more than happy with whatever my parents used to provide me for playing. When we never had any equipment like a bat or a ball we used to sit and chat or we ourselves arranged running race amongst ourselves or tried to climb the trees. Reminiscing these small things really make us feel that childhood is the best part of the life.
Coming back to the present phase of life most of us are married and have children of various age groups. Are we giving our children the same kind of freedom we had enjoyed? I am just asking this question to each of you to introspect. Parents nowadays give  many reasons for their approach, one of them being that competition in academics has increased and therefore it is pertinent for them to put their child into the grind of academic excellence. The children whether they like it or not heed to the parents whims and spend all the time in the school. Ten years down the lane they would graduate, become a professional, get a job or start a business ( I surely doubt that because when there is no exposure to hone the communication skills how would they ever do a business) and become money making machines. Then, at that point of time, if they look back towards their childhood what is there to reminsce?
Let us have a broader perspective of the modern day world. There are more schools than at the time we had studied. There are more seats in professional colleges and newer professions available like fashion designing, leather technology, dairy technology, multimedia jobs, bio-technology etc., which were unknown during our days of schooling. The world is a wonderful place to live every second, every moment, every minute, every hour and every day. Why worry about tomorrow when you can't live this moment and not allow your children to live this moment of life?


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