Thursday, December 24, 2009

Who is the greatest!

                         Just before the Christmas Holidays, the CEO and the Manager of the company were going round the adminstrative block, shop floor and the canteen to wish them. During these visits the CEO observed that all the employees and workers were wishing the Manger but ignoring him. The CEO got very angry and after they completed the visits, the CEO called him with an intention of dressing down.
                      When the Manager went to the CEO's room, the CEO started shouting at him. The Manager kept his cool and kept smiling at the CEO. A little later the CEO relaxed and asked the Manager why he was smiling while he was ranting. Then the Manager told him this story.
                      Once upon a time, in a forest there was a fox who went to the lion and said that he wanted to take a stroll in the forest with the lion behind him. The lion accepted and allowed the fox to walk in front while he walked behind. All the animals in the forest including the elephant bowed before the fox. Then they went back to the lions cave when the lion became very angry at the respect garnered by the fox. The fox then replied very casually that "It is because of your presence behind me that I got all the respect. Just imagine what would happen if I went alone. Not a single animal, not even an ant would bow before me Mr.Lion." The lion then lifted its head up royally and gave a big roar exhibiting its supremacy.
                     After listening to this reply the CEO was overjoyed at this reply and expressed his hearty greetings and gave a wonderful gift to the Manager. Well, does the story end here. Keep thinking!
                      Tailpiece: The CEO should remember that he being a CEO of the organization, he is being respected. But for the Organization what would be his status. Similarly, in the story of the lion and the fox, who is behind the lion that gave all the respect? Now, let the readers decide -who is the greatest? Use your heart for the answer and not your head.


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