Friday, December 4, 2009

Where is the traffic? In the head or the road?

Just hit the road on your vehicle on any working day and you find vehicles, vehicles and more vehicles crossing your way in all the directions possible. At times, we get vexed and start cursing the other vehicle owners thinking that it is the others who are an impediment to the free flow of traffic.

On a day when you get up early in the morning, go for a walk or come back from a workout and you are feeling fresh and you are ready to hit the road with your vehicle a little early than usual, you are in a pleasant mood, you hit the same road on your vehicle you don't find the traffic disturbing. Did you ever realize this?

On this kinda day you love the traffic, people around, you are humming a musical tune and suddenly you find the traffic interesting. The same old traffic when your mind was disturbed is something different on a good day.

Here again, you have a website and your visitor count is low, you are disturbed for not having traffic on your website. Now, the same word is multi-dimensional in a context we see, feel and use. So, should we worry about not having traffic on the website or should we worry about having traffic on the road?

Well, it is all in the mind. The mind says drive more traffic on to your website but drive away traffic from the roads. Have a heart, for all those poor drivers who eke out a living driving automobiles. Just condition your mind and keep your cool (relax your mind), then and only then can you feel that all the traffic don't affect you.


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