Saturday, December 19, 2009

what makes a movie click at the box office

                The favorite pastime to many of us is movies. This is precisely why the single screen theatres are replacing with multiscreen theatres or multiplexes at tremendous speed. Anyway, watching the movies at the multiplex is an exhilarating experience for many of us. Just a decade ago, the single screen theatres exhibited a single movie in all the four shows. Slowly, the single movie was reduced to 3 shows and the morning show was a different movie.
                 The present trend is that even the  most new releases have only two shows in one of the screens in a multiplex. What does this indicate ? Does it indicate the change in viewing preferences of the movie audience or the deterioration of the quality of movies? I think the answer is partly the change in audience taste and partly the reduction in quality.
                 Change in taste is a personal issue which needs no commenting in this article. Coming to the point of quality stuff, there is a scope for improvement. Let us take the case of the latest tollywood movies. when I see the title card, it shows that story-script- screenplay-direction is by one and the same person, in majority of the cases. This is the first step which shows the fall in standards. It is not that a person cannot be multifaceted, but a movie is a work of art and needs lot of creativity, involving lot of people. Having closely interacted with production crew I came to know that many of the Directors don't stick to the script while shooting the movie. And another aspect is writing a script-story with a particular hero in mind. The age old theory documented quite well says that a story-script is written by a writer and when the same is discussed with a production house, they find suitable actors for the movie. This is another aspect which needs correction to get quality movies.
                  Then there is the screenplay. Screenplay is the heart and soul of a movie. A taut screenplay engrosses the viewer and makes him to stick to his seat. Nowadays, we find movies with no screenplay at all. Screenplay shows a direction in which the movie is heading and a movie with no screenplay lacks a direction. A very simple aspect of screenplay is that the opening scene of a movie should be linked with the climax. If this is done, people will watch a movie and will give atleast one good review. Another aspect of screenplay is that all the characters that have a role to play in the movie should be shown in the first ten minutes of beginning of the movie. Otherwise, the viewers are confused. Above all, the actors should express emotions, or in other words the actors should act and not stand still like statues.
                 Well, anyway this is a very big subject which cannot be handled in a small article like this. But, on the whole if all these aspects are corrected and have some emotions to stir the hearts of the viewers, the movie will click well at the box office. Okay, guys the movie creators out there take note and give value to our money, or take the boot!


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