Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Followers- the heart of a blog

People who are regular browsers of blogs must have come across the "follow" button on the blog pages. Many of the browsers including me at certain point of time never understood what this "follow" button was and the concept of followers. Blogging is a very dynamic concept and net surfers occasionally come across some good blogs which they want to come back and read. But, somehow miss the same blog because the users never write the blog address somewhere. Of course, there are a few exceptional cases of users who bookmark the page the moment they find something interesting.

Did any of the bloggers give you a small compliment or a "Thank you" for reading their blog? I doubt you would ever find one who would do that. Nevertheless, you will get many compliments from bloggers like me by just becoming a follower of the blog. The easiest way to get regular updates of a blog is to become a "follower". This can be done by simply clicking on the "follow" button displayed in the blog page. Four people have become my followers whose bio is shown here:

P.Vighneswara Raju- an ex-serviceman and an ardent blogger who would fight the cause of his colleagues in his blog

Serenity -  the pen name of a professional writer who is credited with umpteen articles, web content, ebooks etc., feel free to visit her website , its a refreshing experience.

Nishanth - a partime blogger in the field of medicine with interests in beauty care has a blog where you can learn some nice beauty tips.

Uma -  an experienced chef with over 20 years of kitchen experience writes about mouth watering vegetarian recipes in hindi on the blog .

Aditya - stock market wizard with 10 years of experience playing with stocks who shares his experiences on the blog 

This list would be updated on a weekly basis and you, the readers would get a thank you and your bio here on becoming a follower. In fact, you don't even need a blog or a website to become a follower. Try it out, it is so easy, just click on the follow button above and you get to gain much of the knowledge.

For all of you who read the content through a feed, this option of becoming a follower is not available right now. You just gotta come back to this blog to become a follower and receive a bouquet of compliments.


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