Friday, December 18, 2009

Bathe in cold water for great health

Winter is a great time to enjoy life. There is mist in the air early in the morning. It is great fun to wrap ourselves in woollens and go for an early morning walk. Well, this applies to the health freaks as well as to those compulsive walkers under the guidance of a doctor, for ailments like diabetes or cardiac arrest recuperators.
 The not so lucky ones sleep off late till the sun is fully over the horizon cutting through the mist. whatever is the reason, everyone has a choice to enjoy life. The real fitness freaks hit the gyms and power press to get into shape as this is the best time to shed those extra calories and build some muscle. Almost all the people take a bath after this exercise routine or after a good sleep. Bathing is essential to maintain a good degree of personal hygiene. Taking a bath in hot water relaxes the body and the mind, right? Wrong. It is the other way around.
I would suggest you to observe it yourself. Do some morning exercises with walking, jogging, aerobics, cycling etc. Come back and take a shower with hot water. Then dry your hair and have a hot breakfast and sit on a couch with newspaper in your hand. I found that in many cases, including myself that my eyelids are slowly closing and my body wants to sleep again. What fun is it to do all those workouts when you are going to sleep again and build up those calories.

Now, I suggest you to do the same thing as in the above paragraph and instead of hot water take bath with cold water and see the difference. I know how you feel. The thought of cold water in winter sends shivers down the spine. Well, I suggest that you give it a try. The first time cold water touches your body you get the goosebumps all over. Never mind, just do it. Now, sit down and have a hot breakfast and you feel more active than when you were exercising. 
Well, I am saying the whole thing from my experience. Earlier, till last winter I used to frequently have a nasal blockage the moment I expose myself to cold weather. Not any longer. I am doing this experiment for the past 40 days when winter set in and even today at 10 degrees Celsius I am able to do it and my health has improved a lot. 

Earlier my head used to say hot water, hot water but now my heart says cold water, cold water. What would you do? Listen to your heart or your head. You are the best judge. I suggest you to prefer heart over head.


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