Monday, December 28, 2009

2010: the year of beauty and desires

Everyone is looking forward to the New Year 2010 with lots of  hope. People are hopeful of reversing all thier problems caused by recession in the New Year 2010. Majority of us are looking forward to get the jobs that were eluding us due to the recessionary times. Let me not discuss the problems we had faced as each of us know in our heart what we have experienced over the past one and a half year. I am writing this with an optimistic view of what 2010 holds for us.
New year 2010 falls on a friday. Astrologically speaking friday is ruled by venus and it rules over the traits of beauty and desires. This year should see an improvement in the field of fashion, fine arts, jewellery and the likes. It also denotes desires amongst men and women. Venus also rules over diamonds and so the usage of diamonds will increase bringing cheer to the diamond trade this new year 2010. White is the colour of venus and friday. White also denotes peace. This new year 2010 should bring peace to an otherwise terrorised world. Venus being the lord of desires between men and women, the gifts and greetings industry will flourish. The simple reason for this being that there can be no relation between man and woman without exchange of greetings and gifts, isn't it? Beauty involves fragrances and lipsticks, so will they lag behind. Obviously no. Friday is the day ahead of a weekend and this new year falls on a weekend. So people from all hues and cries would be in an enjoyment mode throughout this year. That means a good year for the tourism industry worldwide. Tourism alone provides lots of employment directly and indirectly to lots of people. It is a practise worldwide to release Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Tollywood movies on a friday. Lets hope this new year 2010 bring cheers to the movies.
The flip side to this New Year 2010 is the surfacing of scandals on account of using the beauty and desire to arm twist influential people (read amorous people) and to bring about fall in international leaders. The positive minded people will drive ahead by taking advantage of the desire to excel in chosen fields. Lets say a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010.


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