Wednesday, November 4, 2009

winter solution- make petroleum jelly at home

Every year the winter sets in, in the month of October in this part of India. Winter is a wonderful period of time where we have short days and longer nights. As days pass by, the cold weather causes cracks on the skin. Many people expose themselves to the sun for a longer time to make themselves warm. Well, this a dangerous way of treating your body because the ultraviolet radiation does more harm than good.What is the way out?

The best way to protect the skin from the cold temperatures is to apply petroleum jelly frequently. Petroleum jelly is sold by various brand names like vaseline, nova etc. They are sold in various pack sizes as small as 3.5gm to 100gm. The 3.5gm pack is sold at Rs.7.50ps and the 50gm pack is sold at Rs.25/-. What do you infer? Nothing much except that they are affordable by an individual for individual use. Suppose you are a family of 6 people and you have to buy 6 x 50gm packs you are purchasing 300gm of the product per month @ Rs.150/-. Now, think over whether it is affordable. Well, may be, it looks affordable. What if you had to buy 300gms twice a month for three months. This comes to Rs.150x2x3 or Rs.900/-. Now think how affordable is it?

Well, don't worry affordability is a few miles away, if you have the time to spare! If you take a little initiative, you can make your own petroleum jelly at 1/4th of the cost that you would spend. In Hyderabad, go to Afzalgunj where there is famous medical shop selling unani medicines called Munnalal Dawas. After 3 shops from this you will find this particular shop selling the raw materials required for making the petroleum jelly. Suppose your requirement is 1kg of the product, ask them to give 1kg of vaseline and they will give you a proportionately mixed quantity of beeswax and mineral oil and in the next shop you tell them that you want colour and perfume for a kg of vaseline. There are number of colours and perfumes available and you can choose whatever you like. At the time of writing this article the cost of 1kg of vaseline mix is Rs.120/- per kg.  and the colour and scent would cost you Rs.20/-. If you have empty used containers of vaseline or a cold cream you can use it to fill the petroleum jelly or you can buy a container at Rs.5/- a piece.

Take these ingredients home and put a stainless steel vessel or a frying pan on the stove. Put it on a low flame gas burner and light it on. Slowly transfer the vaseline mix into the vessel or frying pan. Allow it to melt and it turns into liquid form. A word of caution is that this is a highly inflammable mix so don't bring it near an open fire or flames. Now, add the colour and perfume to the liquid and stir it slowly using a wooden spoon for a minute. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool for two minutes. Then transfer the contents into the used containers or the new containers and leave it for 10 minutes. The liquid solidifies in the container and the petroleum jelly is ready to use.

Now, you can work out the economics of making it yourself.You bought one kg of mix for Rs.120/-, colour and scent for Rs.20/-.Container for Rs.5/- and conveyance say Rs.50/-, you have consumed gas of Rs.15/- and the total comes to Rs.120 + 20 + 5 + 50 +15 or Rs.210/- per kg. If you are a little ingenious you can sell the petroleum jelly and make some pocket money also.

I have written this article after making this myself and using it on 6 people (which include three children)without any side effects on them. In case you have a sensitive skin or doubtful about allergic tendencies, apply a little quantity on the wrist area and wait for five minutes. any kind of allergies show up by forming rashes or boils on the skin. If nothing happens for the next five minutes you can be sure that you are not allergic to this product.

The mix for making petroleum jelly is also available in the secunderabad area where the old Monda Market is located. In the lane opposite to the main entrance of the old Monda market, a few yards away few shops sell this mix. But, you need to convince them that you are an old and regular customer, and only then they sell the mix for making petroleum jelly.

Having known so much, what are you waiting for! Go and make petroleum jelly and protect yourself from the vagaries of winter.


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