Friday, November 20, 2009

what is important in teamwork: Heart or Head?

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji in one of his discourses said that people can be judged from their heart, their thinking (mind) and their words.

In every day life we come across many people and it so happens that at some point of time we may have to work with them. The essence of the above statement can be understood if we see how people behave when working together.
  • If the person is good at heart and speaks pleasing words, but his thinking is wrong then it is difficult to work with such a person as there would be difference of opinion doing team work. 
  • If the person speaks pleasingly and his thinking is good, but is not good at heart, this is also a difficult situation as there would be a feeling of jealousy in every activity that is difficult to handle.
  • If the person has a good heart and his thinking is good, but has a sharp tongue that speaks even when it is not required, this is the most difficult situation to handle as a person who is foul mouthed loses his cool, loses his emotional equilibrium and ultimately loses his mind in many situations.
The best way to come out of these situations is by trying to overcome the weaknesses within oneself and trying to put the teamwork ahead of one's own ego. And this is not an easy affair. It needs tremendous practice and overall conditioning of all the three viz., heart, mind and the way we speak.

Well, even here there is a simple technique that one can adopt which goes like this : "Treat others in such a manner as you would want yourself to be treated by others".


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