Wednesday, November 18, 2009

university education through distance education

Learning should be an ongoing process throughout someone's life. The moment a person stops learning, he/she is as good as dead. People from all walks of life should be literate. There is a mismatch between the number of schools available and number of aspiring students. Hence, the need for distance education schools, colleges and universities. Well then, which is a good distance education school.

Any school, college or university which covers the following details can be classified as a good distance educator:
  • study material provided to a student should be presented in a simple vocabulary
  • printed learning material should reach the student on time
  • the printed material should be written with a clarity of thought
  • additional learning aids like audio and video should be available
  • contact classes should be provided to the student within a distance of 5 kilometres from his/her residence
  • contact classes should be provided every weekend without fail, come what may
  • academic counsellors should be highly qualified and experienced in their respective field of study
  • contact classes should be more interactive with active participation by the counsellors and the students
  • academic counselling sessions should be well organised and changes in the schedule should be communicated well in advance
  • the course curriculum should provide a comprehensive knowledge of the subject of study
  • there should be regular assignments conducted to the students and they should be returned to the student attaching a feedback of performance
  • project work should be clearly marked and discussed
  • on completion of the course, one should move with confidence and achieve excellence in their field of study.
Well, there are a number of universities who claim to cover these details but many of them fall flat before the finish line. One good university that excels in the above areas is the Indira gandhi National Open University, New Delhi (IGNOU) . This is a great platform for all those aspiring to enhance their educational qualifications but lack time to attend a regular school, college or University.


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