Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tom and Jerry

One of the most popular cartoons on TV in the past one decade is the Tom & Jerry show. I doubt whether there is a single soul out there in the planet who hadn't watched the Tom & Jerry show. I would also doubt someone's existence if they said the Tom & Jerry show didn't make them laugh. I think the Tom & Jerry show is the best medicine for the depressed and stressed out lot of folks who work more than 40 hours a week.

What started as a short in the 1940s has evolved into a full length movie in the year 1992. Tom and Jerry appeared in the comics from 1942 and the TV series started in the year 1965. After the dawn of the 21st century the movies Tom & Jerry:The Magic Ring, Tom & Jerry:Blast off to Mars, Tom and Jerry:Fast and the furry, Tom and Jerry:Shiver me whiskers, Tom and Jerry:A nutcracker tale were all released on video and they keep repeating on many of the cartoon channels. Every movie is unique and thoroughly humorous.

In the TV shows, the focus is entirely on Tom, the cat  Jerry, the mouse and all the little animals and birds that form a part of the short and whenever humans were to be shown, only the person from below the  neck  was shown but the voices can be heard. When it came to movies, men and women were shown in full and the little Tom and Jerry were shown competing with humans in all their grandeur. However, i find this terrible. The Directors would have done well to restrict the theme only upto the level of animals and birds. The original idea of the writers and Directors:Joseph Hanna & William Barbera seems to have lost in the modernisation of the story in the feature films. 

The real essence of the Tom and Jerry lies in the cunningness, naughtiness, intelligence, spontanity shown by the birds and animal characters and there is no place for humans in the Tom and Jerry show because they can in no way associate with the mouse and the cat in the number of chases between them. I hope the producers of the films take notice.

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