Thursday, November 26, 2009

Successful living: the essence of a society

We come across people from all walks of life when we are living in a society. An interesting aspect to be observed here is that there are people with leadership qualities donning different roles. And these leaders have inflated egos. 'EGO' as someone said is an Exaggerated Glorification of Oneself.

Everyone has a right to succeed in life, in their career and their relationships. Success so achieved gives a sense of happiness. People being narcissists feel that they are supreme and better than others. This increases the ego factor. Success brings wealth and this in turn brings in followers. The more the following the bigger grows the ego. The flipside of the whole issue is that the people involved directly or indirectly have to please these successful people. If that is not done they lose their cool and there is a possibility of abusing their position just to satisfy their ego.

When we are living in a society we have to handle people even from the lower economic strata, less educated and less privileged. Mostly, these people work for the rich people as nannies, chaffeurs or domestic help. When it comes to the highly educated class it is alright if they put their education for constructive uses like providing community education in their spare time, but we find that these class of people stay in gated communities protected by 24 X 7 security with little or no access to the needy.

Just think how many of you would be happy if a colleague of yours suddenly wins a million dollar lottery. I bet that 9 out of 10 would be rather jealous even when they are merely wishing him/her well. Why would you be jealous of someone else's success when you have not put an effort to be successful? Did he/she grab your opportunities for becoming successful?

The essence of living in a society is to bring everyone who are below your financial status and education to atleast equal to our level of comfort. Never ever think of snatching someone's bread to appease your own hunger. Share with pride and the society becomes a great place to live.


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