Saturday, November 21, 2009

See the heart of a mother

Mother is a person about whom we can write pages and pages but never get tired writing. Why is it so? Mother is such a person who has undergone tremendous pain and endured the labour to bring us out into this wonderful world.

 I am a subscriber to one of the yahoo groups and today I received a post from the group with the photographs (shown in this blog and the source of the photographs is The photographs have made me write this piece about mother and her greatness.   

Mother is our first teacher and in fact she is the first teacher in both animals as well as humans. In the photographs we see an infant moneky hit by an automobile lying on the road in pain, unable to move. People have become so insenstive that they are watching the show and enjoying it.
In the next photograph mother monkey is trying to pull the infant away from the middle of the road. Suddenly a dog is trying to take advantage of the situation preying on the infant monkey. Mother monkey wants to protect her at any cost and so pounces on the back of the dog and puts a fight. The dog unable to withstand the onslaught of the mother gives up and runs away.

A mother with an infant would even sacrifice her sleep to take care of the little one. When the infant cries it is only the mother who can understand the reason and provides what the baby needs. It is the mother who teaches the syllables of the language when the infant is trying to talk. She takes care of the baby more than herself during the infants growing years.

These photographs prove the point in case of the animals.
The children grow up and mother is the only person who is available to them to communicate all that has happened in school and even after growing up as adults, mother is the person who cries in loneliness if her son or daughter is jobless. When she knows that her son/daughter is working late hours in their jobs, she would be the first person calling them and enquiring them about their lunch and supper.

What is that we as grown ups are doing with such a loving mother? We are finding many excuses like long working hours, incompatibility between the spouse and mother and financial problems to quote a few and sending mothers to retirement homes? Who in the world is not having problems? Is it justified to magnify the problems and leave the mother in a retirement home for all the pains and sacrifices she has undertaken? Have a heart! Don't leave your mother.


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