Friday, November 13, 2009

nintendo wii sports

Nintendo wii sports is a gaming CD that comes bundled with a Nintendo game console. This was released in November,2006 by Nintendo. Why should they make a sports game when they are pioneers in family games like the Super Mario. As per the trend followed at Nintendo Wii sports is also a family games CD where in upto 4 players can play at a time which means that the family is covered.

There are five games included in the wii sports CD and they are Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. The best part of all these games is that we don't need any additional equipment other than the wii remote controllers. You need to have that many remote controllers as equal to the number of players. Just insert the wii sports CD into the Nintendo Wii console, wrap the safety strap of the remote controller on the wrist and start playing.

If you are new to gaming or never played any of these games you need not worry. There are training and fitmess options available on the wii sports CD which will help you learn the game and improve your fitness too.You need to go to the Mii channel, create your avatar (an identity for yourself), save the settings and select your avatar in the wii sports channel and start playing.

For a novice, I would suggest that you start with the training options. Suppose you want to play tennis, select the game tennis in the training option on screen and get ready. The opponent serves the ball and you need to hit it looking at the direction it is served with the remote controller (here the remote controller acts as a racquet). The opponent will keep on serving you till you commit a fault or your return goes out of the court. Next there is a sliding goal post behind your opponent and you should try to hit ball into the goal post. Now comes the target practice. There is a bulls eye board to which you should serve and keep hitting it back at the bulls eye. This is how you do it: If you want to throw up the ball and serve, you just raise the hand with the wii remote controller and the ball is tossed up and again using the raised hand strike the ball as if you were hitting it with a racquet and zoom goes the ball to the opponent and that too a perfect serve. Keep doing it and you are trained to play tennis.

You can also try the fitness part where you will learn to strengthen your wrists and forearms playing bowling, baseball and golf. Once you complete these you are superfit to play the game of tennis and all this training and fitness part can be completed in five minutes flat. There are many levels and according to your level of expertise the speed of the game progresses. I would recommend this game if you are obese and wants to lose weight though Nintendo doesn't advertise it that way.

I think I should stop this article at this point because the moment you start playing any of the five games in wii sports you would yourself venture out to give rave reviews about nintendo wii sports.


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