Monday, November 16, 2009

ingenious way of using a bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset is a standard accessory for those who spend most of their time travelling (read driving) and talk a lot on their mobile phones. Well, there are a number of headsets available in the market in a wide range of prices. Last year I was doing a lot of travelling and so needed one bluetooth headset and after a little bit of research I bought the Sony ericsson HBH PV703 for around $40.

It turned out to be a handy accessory and I was regularly using it to take the calls and make calls from my Nokia N73M mobile phone. Of late, after using for one year I had to do some music recording of a song on my laptop being sung live by a singer. And I didn't have a regular microphone and headphone set readily available at that point of time. So, I just wanted to experiment with the Sony Ericsson HBH PV703 bluetooth headset as to whether it would double up as a microphone and a headphone.

Since, it was already paired with my nokia I had to first unpair it. then, enabled the bluetooth and wireless option on my Dell laptop and selected the search wireless devices options. In the first two attempts the laptop didn't detect the bluetooth headset and so I felt a little uneasy. Not willing to give up, I tried again and the laptop detected the bluetooth headset. I was elated as I had a hunch that it was going to work. Then, I just played a song and listened to it through the bluetooth headset. The output was wonderful. Then, I just switched on the voice recorder software and recorded some narration and then some music tune.

Well, the results are outstanding, the narrative was too good but the music part was not really good as it is to be understood that the microphone has to be kept very close to the mouth ( as close as a centimeter away)when recording music while the blutooths microphone would be atleast 3-4 centimetres away. Since, the bluetooth headset has a range of 10 meters and a talktime of 10 hours I asked one of my cousins who worked in a call centre to use it. The next day I called him to know the status and he said he was very happy using the bluetooth headset instead of the regular microphone & headphone wrap around set. The advantage is that he need not sit in his chair before the desktop while answering the call, he could go to the snack bar which is just 5 meters away and still take a call, he was able to switch ears in the middle of long conversations and it was comfortable on his ears.Probably, this is one area which the manufacturers have to tap as it is a huge market .


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