Tuesday, November 10, 2009

console games nintendo wii installation

Many of us who use computers know what computer games are. Since a computer has a CD-Rom drive, a motherboard, processor, RAM, a set of speakers and a display unit it is just easy for anyone to play PC games by inserting a gaming CD in the CD drive. An advancement over the PC game is the console game. The gaming console has got an inbuilt processor and motherboard with a slot to insert the RAM and a slot to insert the games CD. This can be connected to a TV set and played. The TV set takes care of the display part and the audio part.

There are many console games available in the market like the Microsoft XBox, Sony Playstation and the Nintendo Wii games. Every console game has its own unique features and games available. We will see how good a Nintendo Wii games console is. The nintendo wii is very compact and fits in little space over the DVD player horizontally or vertically(see figure on the right side). Since I have got sufficient shelf space, I sometimes store it horizontally and some other time vertically in the TV cabinet along with the DVD player.

 Wherever you store it you need to keep it in a ventilated place that allows free air circulation and is free from dust.  If you zoom into the pictures you can see the index of the product. The Nintendo wii game comes with a standard set of accessories viz., wireless remote controller, nunchuk, infrared bar, power adapter, TV-in cable and a games CD (optional). You can find the photographs of all the accessories in the photographs here.
 The installation is very easy. Just open the contents of the sealed box as per the number indexed on the box. They are numbered 1 and 2. Remove all the contents from the carton and unwrap the packing materials. First select a convenient place within the TV shelf or any place which is at two meters distance from your television. just below the CD slot is a slot for an SD card. You need to insert either a micro SD or a mini SD card into the compartment. connect one end of your power adapter to the rear of the console set and another to a 110Volt power socket. Stick the infrared control panel in front of the TV set at the base or on top of the TV set so that the centre of the TV and the centre of the infrared control panel are aligned. When you are in a  place like India use a step down voltage regulator like the one shown in the picture to reduce the voltage from 220Volts to 110volts.(you will get if for around Rs.300/-). Next connect the AV out on the console to the AV in of the TV. Three connectors in red, white and yellow should be plugged into the respective color slots in the TV set.

Now you need to insert two AA batteries into the nintendo remote controller, then press the red button (sync. button) on the remote and the wii console after switching on the power. Once the remote synchronises with the console you are ready to play. Insert the games CD, wait for the CD to load which is displayed on the TV screen and you can start playing using the remote controller.

The best part of the wii game set is that you can play the game from a distance and the games are simulation based. You can feel the vibrations through the remote controller. You can also listen to the audio on the remote controller. Upto 4 players can play if you have got 4 remote controllers. Go, have your day! In case you are not having a Nintendo wii console it isn't too late.

You can purchase a wii game online worldwide or from select outlets in India only in metros like Mumbai and Delhi.


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