Wednesday, November 11, 2009

buy or sell online

Internet has millions of user worldwide. In the present day, internet access has become very affordable and due to the convenience offered at the click of a button users find it easy to shop online. There are a number of trusted web portals that offer ecommerce (online selling and/or buying). One of the pioneers in this field is

 Amazon. They have sold millions and millions of items through their portal and continue doing so.Why do the customers keep coming back to Amazon? Let's find out.

Amazon offers an online shopping experience in the following products viz., electronics, apparel, computer, books, DVDs etc. They offer the best bargains on any product you choose from a vast list running into thousands of products. Currently, they have an unbeatable product called kindle, an e-book reader at a price of $259 .The best part of this product is that it has an anti-glare screen in which the content is visible even in sunlight and apart from that it has a big screen, as big as a pocket book. The battery lasts for four days without a recharge. The e-books can be downloaded through wireless internet in any part of the world and all the e-books are nominally priced. This is a boon for students in particular as they can do away with carrying the paperbacks.

Amazon offers mp3 music for ipod, movies, video on demand, musical instruments, videogames, game downloads, laptops, desktops, components and accessories, software, pc games, TV, cell phones, car electronics, cameras, apparel etc. The complete details of the product they sell are catalogued with full specifications and affordable shipping rates. They do have a return policy in place if you are not satisfied with the sale. These are only the categories of products and there are multiple brands of products to choose from at the most competitive prices. All the transactions are done through secure servers that are foolproof (read hackproof).

Amazon offers genuine discounts and any buyer can take advantage of it to make a purchase. Generally, there are good bargains on electronic products as the manufacturers offer volume discounts when sales are low. Amazon is the place where you get wonderful discounts on these goods.

Amazon also offers a platform to sell products through the webstore. You can write your own ebook, publish it and sell it through Amazon at a price that you decide or take the help of Amazon to fix the price. Similarly you can sell any of the stuff which you own legally. Your works can be published on kindle and you can earn royalty on sale.

There is an associate program available and if you are interested to make some extra money you can become an affiliate, promote the site and earn money on sale of products. With so many features available on Amazon, every category i.e, the buyer, the seller and the associate are highly benefitted.


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