Thursday, October 29, 2009

why I started this blog

I am having an email id with yahoo since 2003 and I started writing summaries for from 2005 onwards. Recently, as early as 5 days ago I signed up for yahoo answers. On spending considerable amount of time, I found that lots and lots of netizens have so many questions to ask and so I tried to measure the frequency at which questions are asked. I observed that every 1 second a question is asked. This made me to sit up and think. Inspite of having so many websites which offers solutions like,,, still there are a good number of netizens looking for solutions to their questions wherever possible. Well, I discussed with some of my close friends this idea of viewing, feeling, using and reviewing products and services offered by netpreneurs and entrepeneurs alike. It is possible that there are a number of sites who offer similar services with specialists on their board. But, I beg to differ. Here, the reviews are given with heart over head, i.e. Identifying a certain product, service, movies or website with the perception of a common man. Well, actually the list is endless. Everyone liked that idea and lo, this blog is ready.
How this blog works:

My group of friends who hail from different educational background, job qualifications, personal tastes and hobbies, likes and dislikes, short people, tall people, men, women, kids and anyone who would express a frank opinion would review the item be it a website, product or service. The idea is to send a strong message to the end user of the website, product or service. Let us see how this works:
Every weekend a few new movies are released. One or many of my group members would watch the movie in the first two days of the release, discuss the good points as well as the bad points and write a review in the blog.
Well, the same is done even by the journalists, so whats new? As I earlier said, the group of viewers of the movie come from different backgrounds and express their free and frank views through email, networking sites, smses and word of mouth.
That means the publicity for the movie is a genuine one which either pulls the crowds to the cinemas or pushes them out of the cinema halls. If it is a good fare, let everyone enjoy the movie or else let it go to the trash can. Atleast many viewers would be saving their money and time instead of watching trash movies

What else will be reviewed:

Any website, product, service or movie which is in accordance with the law of the land will be reviewed honestly. I probably should remove movie from this list as the movie cannot be released without permission from the Censor Board. Promoters out there, beware!

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