Friday, October 30, 2009

what a child needs

There is a child, a parent, a teacher, a school and Oracle. What do they have in common? Is there a relationship linking Oracle with others. Oracle corporation is a pioneer in database management and the first thought that comes to the mind is that database has got something do with it. Is it so or there is something else in common between Oracle and others.Let's find out.

What a child needs is a question that has to be answered by everyone viz., the parent, the teacher, the child as well as the nation. But, are we sensitive to the needs of a child. In urban society, there is hardly any time to spare for the needs of a child. Try asking the question to a child and pat comes the reply 'I want to play'. When the same question is put to a parent, you don't get a direct answer and some say that the child should be responsible and take studies seriously sending the play part to the back burner. Well, someone out there is trying to take up the responsibility and bridge the gap.

The website run under the auspices of Oracle Corporation is doing just that. It is a delightful model. The teacher of a school would work as the moderator and creates a log-in id and password for all the students in his/her class. Once the student is given the user-id and password, they are free to operate it as they would operate any blog. They can connect with their friends and make new friends worldwide, share their interests and hobbies, talk about community development and environment. The teachers also post projects which the interested child can take up, form a group and execute. There are projects on art, craft, science, etc. Just spending a little time on the website would allow them to connect with their peers. The children can also upload their photos, write blogs and talk about their homework. They can also share jokes among themselves and of course there is the moderator called the teacher who monitors their activities.
I have personally observed that my own kids have improved their performance in academics after joining and strangely, I have made an introspection and found that I was not behind them to perform well in the past three months when they have started using Three Cheers to Oracle Corporation for their initiative.
I have made a little more effort and found that this initiative of Oracle Corporation runs not only in India but also worldwide. Well, that's some real Charity.

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